Recollections of the Recent Past Part 3

As the last in this series of recollections regarding the Diamondback CG.  I would like to post a particular experience I had.  Flying my new Type-9, ready to get my trade on and support of our little station, I flew into Open, ready to brave the skies.  On my first run from Cupinook through Wolf 406, I was interdicted and indeed taken hostage by a few pirates.  The "leader" was CMDR SabreJD.  Like any good hostage, I started taking screenshots to commemorate the occasion.  Below is a shot with the more trigger-happy pirate of the group, kept wanting to shoot me during "negotiations."

I reached out to the higher ups at the time and our own CMDR Effects came to "negotiate" my release.  They demanded around 7 million credits in Palladium to be dropped at a location of their choosing.  Needless to say, it was completely ridiculous, and we decided to stall as long as we could to keep the skies clearer for other traders in Open.

Here he is facing off one of the pirates in his, self-admitted, troll Hauler.  Sadly, since we had no intention of meeting their demands, once we felt the jig was up, I tried ramming one of the pirates in my Type-9, which didn't go well.  They then shot out my cargo hatch, but rather than let them take my cargo, I initiated my self-destruct.  That was an expensive night, but I feel the story was worth it.

Here is the album ( I have of all the screenshots I took of that encounter.  Feel free to peruse them.  

Stay tuned for more current events!


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