Ringing in 3302

Welcome to 3302 Commanders!

Star-Hunter scouted and organized some New Year events mostly involving Eagles.



Events included activities named "First Flight," "Mother Goose," and "Feeding Frenzy."  Other activites happened as well, please feel free to read about it!  "First Flight" involved having two wings of players see which wing of Eagles could first find and destroy a wanted Anaconda.  "Birds of Prey" was an event where wings of players did bounty hunting in a nearby RES to see which wing could earn the most bounty vouchers within 30 minutes.

"Mother Goose" was racing with a twist.  Pilots started behind the station in an Eagle with no cargo racks.  Any other outfitting was allowed, but you could not have cargo racks when you started.  Pilots then raced into the station, changed outfitting to equip a cargo rack and then had to deliver one ton of cargo to Star-Hunter.  In total, 4 runs of this event happened;

First run - Deliver 1 ton of pesticides, won by Barbwire.

Second run - Deliver 1 ton of copper, won by Multipurpose Minion.

Third run - Deliver 1 ton of evacuation shelters, won by Dragon1x.

Fourth run - Refuel Star-Hunter with 1 ton of fuel - won by Multipurpose Minion.

A great event to be sure and some great innovation on racing and time-limited goals.  I look forward to many more great times and shenanigans with this great group of Pilots.

Fly safe.  For the Alliance!