Rise To Power F.A.Q.

  • What distinguishes Victoria from Mahon?

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon is a duly elected member of the Alliance government.  As such, his responsibilities are great in making sure each member system’s voice is heard and needs are met.  Victoria Wolf VI, not being an elected official, has no such responsibilities.  She is able to focus all of her energies on building successful relationships with individuals and organizations throughout Alliance Space.  She has formed partnerships with corporations like Lakon Spaceways and government agencies like the ADF.

While not being elected, she is still building a coalition based on her tireless efforts and strong vision for what she and her supporters can accomplish.  Thanks to each of her numerous friends, she will be able to engage in actions both overtly and covertly to ensure the safety, security, and prosperity of all Alliance citizens.

Victoria has grown in a backwater system, having to deal with the problems of the “small people”, that shaped her as a DIY (do it yourself) character, with a pragmatical, sometimes rough, approach to problem solving.. To get things done. In that sense she may be cold and detached from the political and bureaucratic intrigues of Alioth, where skilled politicians like successful Mahon are better equipped to deal with the nuisances of dealing with a fragmented parliament.

Instead Victoria strengths are dealing with the daily operations and problems of the people who, many times, won’t feel the decisions being taken in the parliaments, and have a more direct approach to democratic governance on the ground, on the fringe systems that blend with the Federation, and coordination with peaceful merchants and traders, as well as dealing with local felons and violent dictators, sometimes with force, sometimes building local support with local resistance groups and Alliance aligned factions, and sometimes with skilful diplomacy getting systems to join the Alliance network.

  • Which are Victoria political goals and interests?

Being the CEO of a corporation does not preclude Victoria of having ideals or interests beyond the mere acquisition of profits. On the last times, the corporation has just been a tool to further advance her goals, especially as a funding vehicle, as seen on her recent operations.

Her education on human values, freedom and progress have shaped her character to value those things, and her privileged position have allowed her to focus on pursuing and extending those values ultimately.

On this regard she values the Alliance as an organisation which has always defended and pursued those values too, and considers it a vehicle to spread them. On the last decades the Alliance has stagnated under the weight of heavy bureaucracy and growing pains, and more recently border conflicts with Federation forces. On this regard she wishes to return to a path where the Alliance is not focused just on commerce and trade, or turning  a blind eye on local dictators and criminal gangsters. But transform the Alliance towards an active power seeking the restoration of democracy where it has been lost, and spread fairness and justice on place of corruption and jingoism like under Federation rule, or brutality and barbarism like under the rule of local thugs.

And on with such goals she has formed a network of factions and local like minded leaders which have become detached of Alioth due to all the mentioned problems, with the idea of restoring the rule of democracy, overthrowing corruption and let commerce thrive, and get things done in a practical way, using whatever means are at their disposal as long as are justified. 

  • What would be Victoria standing with the Federation?

The Federation, under the command of Hudson and Winters influence, has been attacking Alliance system relentlessly, and are one of the main actors behind increasing instability in the fringe Alliance member worlds.

With Minister Mahon being constrained and Alliance resources over-extended fighting the large Federal military machine, many of those systems have fallen under Federation influence zone, or are constantly under attack and siege.

It’s obvious Victoria is not happy with the situation, as this has been one of the main reasons that have pushed her to act and raise as an influential person in the region.

  • What would be Victoria standing with the Empire?

Obviously she is not sympathetic with slavery, and as such sees the uprise of a new generation of Imperial citizens identified with Aisling with good eyes and hope.

However the current conflicts in her region concern her more than the distant lands of the Empire, instead she wishes to focus on more pressing matters and dangers and expand civilization further into the galaxy.