To Further Frontiers

"Universal Cartographics seem to be idling firmly on the pedestal of their monopoly, providing no true incentive for commanders to engage in the discovery of what this galaxy has to offer and waiting for them to stumble upon something interesting by chance.

 Our maps, as a result, have barely increased in quality over the centuries. To remedy this practice, I request all commanders of any affiliation to assist in the complete survey of the Dumbbell Sector. It has been more than one and a half millennium ever since the Dumbbell Nebula was the first to be seen by human eyes, thanks to Charles Messier; yet it still remains uncharted territory despite being at a hand's reach thanks to the marvels of modern technology." 

   - Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport & Co

Since April of 3301, we have had an on-going exploration operation that hasn't received a lot of outside promotion.  An ambitious endeavor to be sure, this operation aims to fully scan and "tag" each astronomical body residing within the systems of the Dumbbell Sector.  

Should you choose to help map out this sector, we ask you to assume some responsibilities.  Whenever you scan the objects in a system, note it in the following spreadsheet.  The bonus is this spreadsheet contains all of the systems within the Sector so you can use the un-colored systems as your guide.  When you complete a system, please note the following color scheme and what they mean when updating the above spreadsheet:

Orange - System fully scanned but data has not been sold yet, please avoid these to prevent sniping other Commanders.

Green - System fully scanned and data sold.

Yellow - System partially scanned for valuable objects and data has been sold.  One example is shown below.

Finally, if you are still in a data entry mood, please note any valuable finds in this document as well.  This helps Commanders plot out systems to gain quick credits scanning valuable terraformables, water worlds, earth-likes, and other stellar phenomena. Do keep in mind though that even if it looks like a less-than-desirable ice world, they still hold some value (like delectable screenshots!):

If this sounds appealing to you please take a quick trip out to Dumbbell and help us in this unique operation!  

Also, special thanks to Apos and Elementical for the story and a couple of the screenshots!