What We Do

Now that you know a bit about who we are, I'd like to detail more about what we do.

As stated before, we focus on supporting Alliance minor factions to the point where they control the system. This involves a lot of playing with what is known as the Background Simulation. There are many ways to affect the simulation to raise or lower minor faction influence in a system. We involve ourselves in every aspect of the game to achieve our goals. Now for some examples:

Civil wars are part of the process of a minor faction gaining control of a station or outpost. For several releases, our testing showed combat bonds from conflict zones had no effect on influence for the faction we were supporting. With the release of 1.5/2.0, our testing shows that these now affect influence again. So we post operations in one of our internal tools for our pilots to track the amount of bonds turned in. Once our goal is reached we know that the war will be won (due to influence gains) and we can move on to other operations. Speaking of conflict zones...

In other cases, we post operations to run missions for specific factions to raise the preferred faction or even to reduce a faction's influence if they seem to be rising too fast. Pilots input the number of missions completed for the preferred faction. Again, once the operational goal is met, the operation is closed and pilots can move on to other operations or continue to pursue each individual's own goals.

Thanks to the hard work of our pilots not only completing our operations, but also to those that meticulously test the mechanics of the Background Simulation we have been able to raise Alliance factions to ruling status of upwards of 100 systems in civilized space. In fact, sometimes our operations are noticed and broadcast on GalNet.

As always, fly safe. For the Alliance!