AEDC Turns One

AEDC is now one year old!  We celebrated in two ways.  The first was a Diamondback Demolition Derby held inside of Hamilton Gateway.  How many other ships could you ram to death before the station signed your own death certificate?  

Foiled agian!

Each of these shots was taken by Hexen during the event.  Special thanks to him, and also to Elementical for providing a piece of unorthadox obstruction.

Meanwhile, on the surface, other shenanigans were happening involving SRVs, large ships, and judicious use of thrusters against low gravity. Video of these fun times was taken by McCloud and I plan to share it with you in the next few days.  But for now, enjoy this shot I was able to take while we all figured out how to land together!

Please stay tuned for more news, and thank you all for helping make this group the awesome place to be that it is!  May next year bring even more fun and crazy goofing off!

As always, fly safe, for the Alliance!