The Ballad of BD-22 3573

Next in our series on recollections of the recent past, we have a bittersweet entry regarding a community goal that was not announced on GalNet, at least initially.  It was made as a "local" community goal where the intent was to involve specific player groups more in the overall lore universe of Elite.  This was ours.  Vice President _Flin_ worked with Frontier to get the community goal going, and with Rockstep to provide the backstory.

At first, many of us were very excited to be able to have this kind of impact on the story of our little area of space.  However, it became quickly apparent that unlike other larger scale bounty hunting goals, only bounties paid by the Justice Party of BD-22 3573 counted.  This was disheartening, nevertheless we perservered.  Unexpectedly, our beloved leading ladies Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport & Co and Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Defense Force were mentioned in GalNet!

Now the bittersweet part.  We hoped that completing this goal meant that Helena Stone, through one of the Alliance Mandate factions of another system would have forcibly expanded here.  This was supposed to be one of the steps on the way to becoming a Power in PowerPlay.  However that never happened.  The whole community goal was a difficult ordeal, but still through both hard work in collecting the bounties and diplomatic work with Frontier, we completed it!  

Such is how we work.  Even when circumstances conspire against us we work together to investigate, test, and eventually overcome. 

Until next time, fly safe.  For the Alliance!

 Ballad of BD-22 3573