Goods So Rare...

Our forums can be quite the hive of activity, especially regarding time-sensitive operations.  However, sometimes they bring forth very interesting new concepts.  Today we have a couple of new rare goods and a bit of the story behind them!

Freedom Bread

After being pledged to Prime Minister Mahon, pilots were somewhat eager to buy and test to see what his exclusive beam laser, the Retribution, could be capable of.  Quickly our hopes were dashed against the rocky worlds of deep space as it was found that the weapon has no effect on shields, and only marginally increased the heat of a ship that had no shields.  Wailing was had on the galactic discussion forums.  Cries of neglect were heard throughout civilized space.  Nevertheless, tireless scientists engaged in rigorous testing.  After many months, their efforts paid off:

After applying the laster to a canister of grain for 3.1415 seconds, bread was made.  Though this bread was slightly different.  Those that tasted it had a new sense of vigor and desire to strike out and pursue their dreams.  So strong was the effect they coined the term "Freedom Bread" for this wonderous concoction.

Purer Water(tm)

During the Diamondback construction CG, Hamilton Gateway was a strong exporter of water purifiers.  

Some pilots began to wonder what made these specific ones so desirable outside of Wolf 406.  It was not long before an article in the Wolf 406 Herald help shed some light on the subject.