Beginnings of PowerPlay

Today I want to recollect on our drive and impact on the early days of PowerPlay.  Being staunchly Alliance, our choice of Power to support was extremely easy.  Those of us who were interested pledged to Mahon.  From that point, we began to systematically target the highest profit systems.  In fact our first target was Leesti.  To us, this was the most logical choice as it had a large profit of Command Capital and the lore around the Old Worlds and the Alliance strongly supported further ties.  Once Leesti entered the fold, each week following, our scouts gathered a list of the most profitable systems within reach and we strove to prepare and expand to them.  

For the first few weeks we found systems worth 100 in Command Capital profit.  This helped create the strong Command Capital economy that Mahon enjoys today.  Once the initial extremely good systems were under Mahon's influence, we switched to again playing the background simulation to flip systems to government types that were weak against Mahon's strong economic will.  Doing so helped reduce the workload of fortifications for the other Mahon players a great deal.

Through this entire process we formed a strong relationship with the players organized under the Mahon subreddit page.  The players there have consistently shown the drive and discernment to analyze and test all aspects of PowerPlay.  Thanks to their efforts, not only does Mahon thrive, but other Power players have taken note and begun adopting the practices employed by us Alliance players.  

To this day our players continue to throw support into helping the galaxy know that Mahon is a strong power and his pilots are a resilient and resourceful lot. 

Remember, always fly safe, for the Alliance!