Introducing Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co

At long last, though her name has been mentioned curtly in snippets of unofficial communications, our Lady of the Alliance has been at work helping to bring prosperity and freedom to as many systems as possible.  I am proud to finally present, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co. 

There has always been a Victoria at the helm of Wolf Transport & Co. Polite and supporting to her family and employees. The family traces it's fortune back to the days of Victoria Wolf I., when Wolf 406 was a small refinery system in the middle of nowhere. Over generations the consequent accumulation and investment of their wealth has made Wolf 406 Transport & Co the leading corporation in the sector. The switch from refining to High Tech products has paid off in the last two generations, and Wolf 406 Transport & Co is now ready to expand beyond the borders of it's home system. Listed on the Alioth stock exchange and member of the Alioth 1000 Index, the company has been a solid investment for generations.

The Victorias have aged for six generations, taken the company to ever increasing wealth, and died. For 5 generations, a successor appeared out of nowhere and claimed the title of First Merchantess, as stated in the testament of the late First Merchantess, and vindicated by a DNA test, desired as a foolproof way of identification.

"There has always been a Victoria", say the Wolfs, "and with Victoria we continue to prosper."