About Us


How to apply

  1. Register at the forum.
  2. Check the newscomer thread in the forum for how to proceed.

Read below for more info about our group. 



About Us

Our motto

Diplomats with teeth, doing the dirty work for the Alliance since the year 3300

What is this?

A group of players affiliated with the Alliance in-game, we don't have any structured roster right now or enforce many rules except 1) respect your fellow Alliance comrades and 2) stay nice. There is not forced duty or schedules upon members, but although everybody is welcome to participate, focus should be on the group activities when in-game if you are an active member of AEDC. If you agree with this you can ask for active membership in the forums.

What do we provide?

A common platform and infrastructure for content creation and self-organisation of the community, community goal-oriented gameplay, events and friendship from Alliance players. 

Why the Alliance

The Alliance provides a cooperation framework for independent systems to thrive and progress away from the machinations of the two powerful human blocks. It respects the independence and rule to self-determine how each people should govern their own societies. Acknowledging that the only way humanity can progress in through diversity and exploration of different systems of governance and organisation, in contrast to the stagnant overreaching power blocks, but providing powerful back up to avoid bullying from those same power blocks.

The Alliance was formed circa 3230AD in Alioth, and portrays itself as a beacon of human rights and democracy in an increasingly autocratic universe. The Alliance does not conform to the ideals of the totalitarian Empire, or the authoritarian Federation.

Summary about The Alliance of Independent Systems

The Alliance of Independent Systems arose out of a need for cooperation. Centuries of warfare and both Imperial and Federal meddling in a great many otherwise peaceful independent systems caused various small alliances to form and then get broken up over the centuries.

The Alliance formed from a number of culturally different systems with a unified goal – to provide a stronger voice in the galaxy for its member systems and ultimately to defend them against unwelcome attention from the big powers. The Independent Alliance is culturally very varied and leadership of the Alliance (the presidency moves between member systems annually) has been described as ‘challenging’. Seeking agreement between the member systems is generally a tortuous process, usually ending up with a great deal of compromise.

Militarily, cooperation has been more successful. Each member system contributes a portion of its navy to the Alliance Defence Force – the total contribution proportional to its GDP. It is led by the six-strong Council of Admirals (one from each of the largest member navies), but they can act swiftly without government approval, which has proved very effective, and over the years there has been little disagreement between the admirals.

Contributed vessels generally bear the decals of their own navy, but have an additional Alliance Defence Force decal applied while they are with the group – so the culture of identity and independence (and rivalries) applies here too.