Victoria Wolf, the Rise of a Power

Timeline of related events

[ Jan 3301 ] Victoria Wolf of Wolf 406 Transports Co contacts AEDC first time. AEDC,a young organisation, funded by some independent pilots with links to Alioth, dedicated to establish liaison within different Alliance aligned factions and systems looking to strengthen their position against fringe criminal elements or foreign power groups (including the Federation).

Victoria Wolf heard of AEDC after successful operations in the system of Enki and later on Cupinook, a nearby system to Wolf 406, where Wolf 406 Transport Co has been successfully commercing with for a while. She had been worried about the growing instability in the region, from Wolf 406 to Lave, where independent factions has been suffering under corrupt Federation rule, and in worst case by out of control criminal gangs or dictators.

In order to stabilize the region and to allow peaceful citizens to thrive and commerce, she approached AEDC to help her grow the Alliance strength in the region.

[ 26 Apr 3301 ] Reorte Liberated by the Alliance

After weeks of activity, AEDC manages to return the control of Reorte and Davies High to Pro-Alliance League, in what is the spearhead of the operation to stabilize the Old Worlds.

[ 14 May 3301 ] Lakon Contract Secured

Using favors and contacts within the Lakon Spaceways company, a contract to build the next line in personal spacecraft is secured for Wolf 406 Transport & Co.

[ 25 Jun 3301 ] Peace restored in Leesti

After a protracted campaign,and with the financial back up of a secured Lakon manufacturing contract to fund the campaign, Reynhardt Intellisys is removed from George Lucas.  The Alliance Defense Force, along with members of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps and other independent pilots cooperated to expose Reynhardt Intellisys’ hiring of pirates to weaken system security.  Victoria Wolf VI coordinates with Commodore Helena Stone of the ADF to ensure the mission’s success.

[ 23 Jul 3301 ] Operation Augeas starts

Criminal elements from the BD-22 3573 Justice Party are dealt with removing a threat to the local population. Stone and Wolf make their first appearance together in public.

[ 8 Sep 3301 ] Justice Party retakes Leesti from the Alliance, a dictatorship now controls George Lucas station. And with it the neural network of the old worlds with its high tech manufacturing goods. Neighbour systems are frightened with the prospects, specially Lave (now a system which pertains to the Alliance), where people still remembers the stories about Dr Hans Walden before Admiral Bryce Jander from the Alliance Navy liberated Lave in 14h September 3265.

To this day the Justice Party still rules Leesti with fierce ironfist, to the point most leadership of the Alliance democratic faction of Independent Leesti for Equality had to flee the system and seek refuge in the systems of Quator and Xucuri.

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[ Oct 3301 - today] During this period of time Victoria Wolf strategy has been focused on expanding her influence and consolidating her assets and resources. Slowly but surely her network of contacts and the interest groups behind her have been growing. During this period, and despite the best efforts, the distance to Alioth and the continued fights against the Federation have continued to need regional responses and seek of leadership as well as questioning of what means to belong to the Alliance, what does the Alliance represent and what the Alliance role should be.

[ 28 Jan 3302 ] Dumbbell Exploration Project

“Science and exploration are core to our being,” states Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co as she announced to the wider public her initiative to have the entire Dumbbell Sector mapped and catalogued by independent Pilots.

[22 Mar 3302] Historic Support for the Alliance

"This development is the latest milestone in our Fringe Development Programme. Our long-term mission is to provide systems on the edge of civilisation with political and logistical support, to help them prosper", said Victoria Wolf.


The rise of Victoria Wolf

In early Jan 3301 AEDC started operating in the Wolf 406 region after Victoria Wolf’s initial contact in January of 3301.  Victoria had connections with some powerful interests from the Old Worlds.  Rampant piracy, violence, and general instability were commonplace. Wolf 406 enjoys a strategic position between Alioth and the Old Worlds, in what is known in leaked documents of the AEDC as the ‘banana axis’, Victoria Wolf has a network of contacts which use Wolf 406 Transport Co services to transport goods from the Alioth region to the old worlds, with the high tech manufacturing factories of Wolf 406 Transport Co as a supply chain hub.

Due to recent turmoil the commerce between the OW and Alioth has been drying up. This severely hit economic stability within the OW, further increasing instability. Thanks to Victoria Wolf special strategic position, some powerful groups from the OW  Alliance democracies and some fringe Alliance factions had a meeting with Victoria Wolf to seek a solution to the problem. AEDC was tasked with securing and reinforcing Alliance presence in the region and deal with the troublemakers, as well as strengthen the links with the Old Worlds.

For this they contacted with Commodore Helena Stone, an Alliance Navy commander posted on the system of LHS 2541, supervising the local task force of the Alliance Combine local Alliance faction.

In what was a quick succession of successful operations, Alliance Combine and Wolf Transports both managed to secure important assets in the region, as a preliminary phase to coordinate actions in some of the Old World systems with local forces.

During several months, between March and June of the year 3301, efforts were made to secure the region along with other groups and support from individual pilots. In this period Victoria Wolf managed also to get her hands in a big contract with Lakon to manufacture the Diamondback Explorer, this would add much needed funding for her long term plans.

Since then, Victoria Wolf has been strengthening her presence, with Wolf 406 Transport Co being present in more than 14 systems and several related factions being widespread in the region, with millions of citizens having joined the Alliance. However, this has been insufficient to breakthrough in certain places, Leesti remains under the rule of a dictatorship, with Prime Minister Mahon still stuck in a conflict with a fierceful and imperialistic Federation and unable to commit resources elsewhere.