Introducing Commodore Helena Stone

Greetings again Commanders!

I am proud to introduce to you Commodore Helena Stone!  The daughter of an electrical maintenance technician and payroll supervisor in Alioth, Commodore Stone joined the Alioth navy as early as she could.  During her tenure she rose through the ranks, but never lost her sense of humor.  In fact she conducts herself with an unusual lack of decorum.  Sometimes referred to as "Commodore Sweatpants" (before being quickly corrected that "Cargopants" is more appropriate), she is frequently amused by the romantic advances of fresh officers.  Usually, such shades of red are reserved for Federation installations.

Despite her lack of formality, she is an accomplished strategist and loves "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.  She doesn't believe that the Alliance should seclude itself from the rest of the galaxy however.  To her, the Thargoids present an unknown and unpredictable opponent and the Alliance should be prepared by forming diplomatic relations within and without the Alliance.  Due to her penchant for diplomatic relations (even aggressive relations when necessary), she was drawn to the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps where she currently enjoys a seat on the Board of Directors alongside others like Victoria Wolf VI.

In 3301, the First Merchantess and Commodore coordinated Operation Augeas.  This strove to rid the system of BD-22 3573 of criminal elements lead by a character who named himself "King Justice II" who had started placing bounties on AEDC members.  The operation was a resounding success even though the criminals at first were quite good at hiding, AEDC pilots efficiently flushed out and eliminated the threats.

Since then, Commodore Helena Stone has worked with AEDC members to continue expanding Alliance influence throughout civlized space.