Increasing Rarities

To continue with silly ideas for rare goods, here are the next two!

The Equality Shake

The Alliance is proud to offer membership to all forms of government.  Here people truly are free to determine for themselves what works best.  We are able to boast the largest variety of government types within our space than any other major superpower.  In recognition of our diversity, we devised the Equality Shake.  A delicious blend of every kind of consumable alcohol available, all in equal quantities of course!  

Next time you find yourself in an Alliance hole-in-the-bulkhead dive bar, be sure to ask for the Equality Shake.  You won't remember what you thought of it!

The Bongacle

Much has been said, written, and blown up about and around the so-called "barnacles" found in Merope and the Pleiades Nebula.  Commanders from all parts of civilized space have traveled there to shoot and loot.  The center barnacles though has seemed to be impervious to all kinds of laser fire.  So, science demands that the Retribution Laser must be attempted.  

When exposed to the enhanced heat of the Retribution Laser, the inherent water contained within the structure of course was slowly heated.  During the experiment, the barcnacle seemed to emit more smoke than usual.  Not content with just shooting harmful light, some pilots brought samples of the smoke on board.  Whether on purpose or on accident, some pilots were exposed to the smoke.  While no lastingly harmful effects have so far been measured, one exposed crew member is recorded as stating "Man, that stuff gets you witched!"