On The Rise

Exciting times Commanders!  I am thrilled to give you this missive from the office of Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co!

"My friends, today I am pleased and ecstatic to share with you this news.  Reports show that a new contender for galactic favor is about to enter the stage.  We don't know who it will be yet, but several possibilities exist.  The esteemed Dukes of Mikunn, the leader of the Social Eleu Progressive Party and others have already been named.  What is most exciting is that I have also been added to this list!

To anyone who might suggest this will be used to usurp control of any part of Alliance space, please be at ease.  My intention is to bring freedom in all forms, especially economic and political to more systems.  I have had discussions with Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.  He will always have my unequivocal support.  Where he has tread, we need not to.  Our intention will be to, if victorious, use this new platform to help systems further out of reach.  The last thing we need is squabbles over which shade of green we are!

Nothing has been decided for certain as to who will add his or her name to the galactic standings.  The coming weeks and months will be a time that I ask that we continue our strong efforts to spread economic success throughout space.  This will help strengthen our beloved Transport & Co and provide the economic backbone to stand taller than ever before.  Soon, the powers that are behind the galactic standings will announce the criteria for which leader will be added.  On June 30, 3302, I ask that anyone willing and able to help support tune their preferred information feed to a trusted channel to get the best start we can.  Rest assured, our diplomats are watching things closely.  Strategies and contingencies are already being devised, discussed, and if necessary, disected.  When the time comes we shall be prepared.

To those of us who believe this "contest" to be more distraction, I ask that you still support Wolf 406 Transport & Co then as you always have.  Continue to carefully (and forcefully too when necessary) negotiate our entrance into more systems.  It is this that has shown the galactic community our strength.  It remains a focus and your efforts are still needed, and for those efforts, I thank you.

Until then, thank you again for all your support in making Wolf 406 Transport & Co the beacon of Alliance values and prosperity it continues to be.  For the Alliance!"

 - Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co