A Bit of Bubbly

Yesterday we held a commemorative race to mark the one-year anniversary of one of our first major operations as a group, Operation: Bubble Bath.  Since actual champagne was in short supply, we did the next best thing, a race!  Participants were required to first complete a one-way circuit around a settlement in a nearby system.    

Racers, start your engines!

Those that survived and crossed the finish line were granted advantageous pole position.  Those that did not survive were placed at the back.  Only two racers blew themselves up in the preliminary race and they were placed at seventh and eighth positions.  One racer managed to, possibly aided by onboard biowaste, become an early fireworks display quickly in the race by coming down a simple ramp a little too fast.  

Next came the 3-lap endurance race (if you will) where a closed circuit of the settlement had to be navigated 3 times.  

Waiting under the dust.

Remarkably, no one actually finished the endurance race.  Though deft use of thrusters allowed some impressive gap jumping, all participants ended up exploding bits and pieces of SRVs all over the settlement grounds.  The low and hollow sound of rapidly expanding combustibles surely did raise the giddiness factor.  Now, one cannot have a race without victors.  Thus, those that exploded last were named the winners.  Our thanks go out to all the participants for making it a good show.  Congratulations again to our winners!  (If you want to really know who won, come join us and find out!)

One more special shout out to DavelKence for the nice images of our racers!

Be sure to come back soon for the harrowing tale of how yours truly managed to lose 16 million credits inadvertantly during this event.

As always, fly safe.  For the Alliance!