After The Games

Greetings Commanders!

The Dangerous Games have finished.  EG pilots showed strong throughout the campaign from the Wildcard Games all the way through the Dangerous Games.  Our congratulations go out to them for a well played event.  

While we did not succeed, we rallied together to make a good showing.  We stood strong and helped put Victoria and the Alliance more into the forefront.  Our work in our home space and elsewhere will help continue to make the Alliance stand out.  Not only that, but we will continue to have opportunities to put Victoria into the news through our actions.  

As we look forward to new goals and achievements, our thanks go out to any and all who helped support our bid for Victoria Wolf to become the next Power.  Who knows, the Alliance may be the first Superpower to be represented on ships through our decal!  


As always, fly safe, for the Alliance!