Recollections of the Recent Past Part 2

Continuing from the last post, a video was taken of our little parade and edited together by our own Hex.  Believe it or not, everyone followed directions nicely from our wonderful parade master, Silence Will Fall (the Orca).  Feel free to point out which ship was yours if you participated!  (I was the green Type-9)

Afterward, we engaged in a test to see if we could all boost out of the station without dying.  It was...well mostly successful...

If you were the poor sould that popped, know you have provided many people with merriment due to your sacrifice.  O7 


Recollections of the Recent Past

Welcome to the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps!  

 We are a dedictated group of players focused on expanding Alliance influence and control.  Though we have a bit of fun while we do that.  Astute observers may note our last "major" undertaking was the support of the community goal in Wolf 406 back in May of 2015.  We intend to correct this starting with some recollections of events during or just after the Diamondback community goal.  

 Shortly after the community goal, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps celebrated the success by arranging for a small stress test on instance limits by holding a parade!  We successfully had at least 11 players all in the same instance outside Hamilton Gateway.  In fact, here is a screenshot:

 AEDC Parade, from Effects

 Please keep checking back for more recollections of this and other events and for what we have coming up!

How to apply

Register in the forum, this is where most of our communication and activity happens.

Apply in Militia thread on the forum and read how to proceed. This is mandatory to join.

Post in the Introduction thread if you want to introduce yourself.


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